digital screen printing of the Key trilogy t-shirt @ PunPlace Tainan, Taiwan

So very glad that today I had to opportunity to do some digital screen printing at the Punplace in Tainan. It took over four hours from 10 am to two pm for two screens and 6 prints. The one for the Key trilogy was considered an intermediate level in terms of detail and complexity. It is one more step toward the final formula that I will use to present the story visuals and text.

很高興今天我有機會在台南的Punplace做一些數位絲網印刷。 從上午10點到下午2點,花了四個小時才完成了兩個屏幕和6張照片。 就細節和復雜性而言,“鑰匙三部曲”那個作品被視為中等水平。 這是又一步邁向我用來呈現故事的視覺效果和文字的最終公式。

It really felt like I was back art class in Lick High school in San Francisco. And I was able to navigate the various options and techniques impart due to the art training I had at Lick and the practice I continued afterward.

這次感覺就像我回到舊金山Lick高中的美術課一樣。 由於我在Lick接受了藝術訓練,後來又繼續練習,因此我能夠瀏覽各種選擇和技巧。

Taiwan, politics aside is an amazing location on the globe. It has a very interesting history that involved aborigines, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, American and now Korean, Philippines and south east Asia. It was an important trade and military outpost for many centuries.

除了政治,台灣是全球令人驚嘆的地區。 它有一個非常有趣的歷史,涉及到原住民,歐洲人,中國人,日本人,美國人以及現在的韓國,菲律賓和東南亞。 數百年來,它是重要的貿易和軍事基地。

My youth has a mixed culture of Japan, Taiwan, Mainland, and US. There are too many things to mention that contribute to my story and the style that I have gained. But here are some snippets.

我的青年時代有日本,台灣,大陸和美國的多元文化。 關於我的故事與風格有太多事情相關我無法一一介紹,但是以下這是一些

My teachers. Thanks to you all. 我的高中老師們。謝謝你們。

Now, here are some new exciting new visuals for the main characters in the story. It was meticulously custom developed with a wonderful 3D artist from my pencil character sketches. I hope you enjoy them.

現在,以下是故事中主要角色的一些令人興奮的新視覺效果。 它是由一位出色的3D藝術家根據我的鉛筆素描設計精心定制開發的。 我希望你喜歡它們。

The first two chapters have actually been written but the corv-19 virus “stole” my plot line so I need to rethink. So please be patient as a new story is being developed.

第一二章實際上已經寫完,但是corv-19病毒“偷走”了我的故事,因此我需要重新想新的故事。 因此,請耐心等待新故事的發展。

Detective J偵探J
Detective G 偵探G

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