As we wait further⋯A tribute 在我們繼續等待的時候⋯一些感恩詞

So very glad that today I had to opportunity to do some digital screen printing at the Punplace in Tainan. It took over four hours from 10 am to two pm for two screens and 6 prints. The one for the Key trilogy was considered an intermediate level in terms of detail and complexity. It […]

Images and first chapter will be forth coming shortly

Sorry for the extremely long delay….extremely extremely long. Getting all the parts ready has taken much much longer than I thought. Lots of technology decisions as well stylistic decisions, content decisions etc. So many nuances it would take me years to explain or complain so I won’t. 非常抱歉,延遲時間非常長。。。 準備好所有細節所需的時間比我想像的要長得多。 很多技術決策以及風格決策,內容決策等。如此多的細節需要我花很多時間來解釋或抱怨,所以我不會。 I thank you all for […]