Sorry for the extremely long delay….extremely extremely long. Getting all the parts ready has taken much much longer than I thought. Lots of technology decisions as well stylistic decisions, content decisions etc. So many nuances it would take me years to explain or complain so I won’t.

非常抱歉,延遲時間非常長。。。 準備好所有細節所需的時間比我想像的要長得多。 很多技術決策以及風格決策,內容決策等。如此多的細節需要我花很多時間來解釋或抱怨,所以我不會。

I thank you all for your extreme patience and things should start appearing around or after the Chinese New Year. Don’t ask why.

我感謝大家的耐心等待,農曆新年前後或之後應該會開始出現作品。 不要問為什麼。

Below I share some snippets of Laotzu who’s philosophy is at the core of this story. I picked these snippets carefully to be relevant to today’s global society and for children as they prepare for their future. The translation from ancient Chinese to English then to current Chinese is from my own experience and I took liberty to translate not word to word but word to experience. So they will differ from many scholastic translations. I hope you enjoy them and all the good things that are forth coming.

我在下面分享了「老子」的一些摘要,他的哲學是這個故事的核心。 我精心挑選了這些摘錄,以使其與當今的全球社會以及兒童為未來做準備相關。 從古文翻譯到英語再到白話文的是根據我自己的經驗。我自由的選擇非單字翻譯單字而是用經驗翻譯。因此,它們將不同於許多學術翻譯。 我希望您喜歡它們,以及即將出現的所有美好事物。

2020 Daodejing for kids v0.7

◦ (ch 2) 天下知為美之為美思惡以 when the world knows beauty to be beauty it thinks of the ugly 當世界認知美為美的時候就會想到惡

◦ (ch 6) 谷神不死是謂玄牝 the spirit of the emptiness never dies and is the mother of all things虛空中的??永遠存在,是萬物之母。

◦ (ch 61) 大者宜為下 the big should best stay low大者應該保持不與其爭執

◦ (ch 60) 治大國若烹小鮮 govern the huge state like cooking a small fish (carefully)管理國家如烹飪一條小魚(很小心)

◦ (ch 8) 上善若水、處眾人之所惡,故幾於道 the most kind stays where others dislike and thus is close to the way 最善良的人往往做需要的但是別人不喜歡做的事所以接近道。

◦ (ch 29) 以神器取天下,不可為也 to use godly weapon to win over the world, such is not possible用神器要得到世界,沒門。

◦ (ch 58) 其政悶悶、其民淳淳,其政查查其民缺缺 govern like simmering food and the people are uncomplicated, govern like a hawk, the people become immoral 管理國家如??,人民純樸(不複雜),管理如老鷹(看得太清楚)人民無德

◦ (ch 64) 萬里之行始於足下 the long hike starts from your first step under your feet長遠的??從腳下第一步開始

◦ (ch 13) 譽之辱之 to praise or to ridicule 稱讚或侮辱

◦ (ch 5) 不如守中 best to stay balanced 心中最好保持平衡(無情緒)

◦ (ch 9) 功成身退天之道 once complete move on (remove oneself from the scene), that is the Way 結束後就離開(不要貪戀名利),這是符合道。

◦ (ch 16) 夫物云云各復歸其根歸根曰靜是唯覆命 all things return to their roots, to return is called the silent, and the revival

◦ (ch35) 持大象天下往,往而不害,安平太observe the trend and go forth, but without harming 觀察趨勢,往世界去,但不傷害。

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