Let’s back up a little….

So I’ve been doing this series of stories for a while now. And while writing the second story of the trilogy I realize that I still use some of the same style of storytelling as I did decades ago. There are worm holes and there are flashbacks and some time travel. Actually the second story isn’t quite finish yet. It has a beginning and an end that is in my head and I also wrote a song about the end but it isn’t finalized and there are a lot of in between’s that need to be filled in. But for now I’m moving on to the third story. My story always has some spiritual or psychological aspect to it as well as some Chinese philosophy. But that’s me. I was born in Taiwan. What else do you expect? The second story in part explored more the geology and business domain of science With the volcanos and diamonds and evil cooperations and institutions.? I am hoping that the third story will explore other scientific domains such as

  • Physical chemistry,
  • informational science
  • linguistics
  • Maker movement
  • Instead of using globalization as theme to use localization or glocalization

And I will try to stay away from

  • Black holes/or wormholes
  • Flashbacks or time travel
  • multi dimensional universe to save me headaches
  • large evil corporations or empires.

Let me know what other tired tropes you want me to avoid and I will try my best. I will be doing sketches that serve as the basis for key frames for the story visuals and write a few lines of the story below the sketches. I will flush out the full detail of the story later. The focus right now is getting back to the basics: sketches and a few lines of thought. It is the style that I developed back in the college years and I hope that I can pick it up again and continue that way. I can always colorize it and make it 3-D later even. Please don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage and entering your email. Yes email, because the Jade Emperor said so 😉

Sincerely, Turquoisa

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