Chapter 1 The Martyr (English draft)

Chapter 1 Martyr 烈士

Hello central do you copy? Heading towards Quadrant Delta.

Yes Detective we hear you loud and clear

Pursuing leads to find the Scribe

OK copy

Wish me luck

Oh detective you don’t need luck

Sure I do everyone needs luck.


J, where the heck are you going?

G, Just following up on some leads

It might be a trap J

I know. But I have to find him

Why are you in such a hurry? Get more information before you go. You still have plenty of time.

Time is something that I…

What J

Never mind. G, Can you do me a favor. Can you find information regarding the last appearance of the Scribe. I want to know if my information and what you can find are in congruence.

Congruence my …Just tell me what exactly what you’re looking for and I’ll go do it.

OK I’ll send the details over the transmitter. See what you can find and contact me ASAP. My life depends on you.

Oh wait a second. Don’t say that your life depends on me. That is too heavy. You look out for yourself, you hear me.

Sure copy.


I want to know how he does it. Is he a psychic, Does he use telepathy or does he use some sort of quantum effects, String effects or even what’s that called…


Yes some sort of effects at the Plank scale…You know there are words out now that some body is Working on these sub nuclear scale chemical entities That would have tremendous impact on our existence. I want to know if they’re connected. He’s already causing a lot of troubles in my neighborhood.

How is that J?

I’ll explain later. If I live to tell…


Hey J, got bad news for you.

What’s up?

I dug through the files and guess what I found?


Very funny. No. Nothing.

How do you have nothing when I have something?

I don’t know. There’s not one record of where the Scribe had been.

Well there’s got to be at least one or else someone erased it all.


An inside job?

That’s a real possibility but I don’t have evidence. Guess what else I found?


What’s with you and money? You’re a detective. You’re not supposed to have money. No I found a record of some unrest in the Delta quadrant where are you heading.

Unrest? What kind of unrest?

The ones that you don’t like? Apparently a few are Earth months ago there have been some riot. It’s not clear from the records why there was a riot or what happened afterward.

Which exoplanet was it on.

It mentioned a few exoplanets actually. But the main planet exoplanet was NCCb1921.

NCCPA 1921? I was there a few earth years ago. It was quite peaceful. And beautiful. One of the most well built exoplanets in the near earth united republic.

Well apparently something happened. The report doesn’t say anything in detail though.

Could you ask somebody to find out.?

You might have to wait a while. I got to take care of something first.

No worries. I’m still about two or three months away from getting there.

All right. I’ll get back to you as soon I take care of something.

Hey, can you drop a line to my wife?

You should do it yourself.

Well, she like to hear it from you.

What do you want me to say.

Just tell her I’ll be fine.

You’re asking me to lie?

I’m going to be fine. Really!

J, it might really be a trap after all.

I know but I’m going anyway. I’ll turn on the ping so you can always track me. It will be linked to my bio signature. Just in case you want to know if I’m still alive.


Ha ha very funny. Only you can joke about something so dangerous.ying

Nah whoever it is, I think I’m more useful alive rather than dead. Scribe…where the heck are you…


In a dark room a man doing some sort of ritual. Two other men sitting opposite him. One pours some sort of emerald liquid into the cup and hands it to the other. The man drinks from the cup and then relaxed to a lotus meditation position. The other man without a drink also relaxed into the same position.

The man dancing the ritual suddenly stops and shakes and tremble and then he spoke, “He is coming. The man flying in a vehicle named the BBH Martyr.”

“To the Rule room” he said. The men hurried in. In the center of the room was a statue of a beautiful women holding a eternal burning candle. In front of the statue is a console.

“Klaxar, reprogram the spatial rules for entry point b to the delta quadrant.”

“Why? Didn’t you want him to come?”

“Yes, but he comes prepared. More prepared then I had hoped. My plan might just back fire.”

“But changing the spatial rules will signal to him that…”

“Yes I know he will have more clues…fine then…let him come…”

The lady statue smiled.

“Your holiness, I know he is not a bad person but he is too nosy and is complicating our tasks,” the Scribe said to the statue.

The statue stood silent still with a smile on her.

“Glax, assist your brother and monitor the headings of the BBH Martyr and Detective J. Don’t let him out of your sight and record all his transmissions.”

“Yes, we will not let him out of our sight”

“My holiness, there are good deeds that needs to be done in the shadow. Concealed from the public. Will you cleanse us if we erred from our imperfections.”

The flame of the eternal candle swayed even though there was no wind in the room.

The statues was still smiling.

“Don’t be too harsh on yourself” Glax the younger brother said, “both Klax and I and The lady her holiness knows your kind compassionate heart. Those out there just don’t know the truth.”

The Scribe noded hesitantly.

“If I Gibra son of Ghalu do any evil shall I doom for infinity,” said the Scribe.

The statue still smiling.

“We leave the room then. And let her holiness rest”

End of chapter one.

Interstellar map of exoplanets within 50 light years of the solar system per Advanced Space Flight IOS app

As we wait further⋯A tribute 在我們繼續等待的時候⋯一些感恩詞

digital screen printing of the Key trilogy t-shirt @ PunPlace Tainan, Taiwan

So very glad that today I had to opportunity to do some digital screen printing at the Punplace in Tainan. It took over four hours from 10 am to two pm for two screens and 6 prints. The one for the Key trilogy was considered an intermediate level in terms of detail and complexity. It is one more step toward the final formula that I will use to present the story visuals and text.

很高興今天我有機會在台南的Punplace做一些數位絲網印刷。 從上午10點到下午2點,花了四個小時才完成了兩個屏幕和6張照片。 就細節和復雜性而言,“鑰匙三部曲”那個作品被視為中等水平。 這是又一步邁向我用來呈現故事的視覺效果和文字的最終公式。

It really felt like I was back art class in Lick High school in San Francisco. And I was able to navigate the various options and techniques impart due to the art training I had at Lick and the practice I continued afterward.

這次感覺就像我回到舊金山Lick高中的美術課一樣。 由於我在Lick接受了藝術訓練,後來又繼續練習,因此我能夠瀏覽各種選擇和技巧。

Taiwan, politics aside is an amazing location on the globe. It has a very interesting history that involved aborigines, Europeans, Chinese, Japanese, American and now Korean, Philippines and south east Asia. It was an important trade and military outpost for many centuries.

除了政治,台灣是全球令人驚嘆的地區。 它有一個非常有趣的歷史,涉及到原住民,歐洲人,中國人,日本人,美國人以及現在的韓國,菲律賓和東南亞。 數百年來,它是重要的貿易和軍事基地。

My youth has a mixed culture of Japan, Taiwan, Mainland, and US. There are too many things to mention that contribute to my story and the style that I have gained. But here are some snippets.

我的青年時代有日本,台灣,大陸和美國的多元文化。 關於我的故事與風格有太多事情相關我無法一一介紹,但是以下這是一些

My teachers. Thanks to you all. 我的高中老師們。謝謝你們。

Now, here are some new exciting new visuals for the main characters in the story. It was meticulously custom developed with a wonderful 3D artist from my pencil character sketches. I hope you enjoy them.

現在,以下是故事中主要角色的一些令人興奮的新視覺效果。 它是由一位出色的3D藝術家根據我的鉛筆素描設計精心定制開發的。 我希望你喜歡它們。

The first two chapters have actually been written but the corv-19 virus “stole” my plot line so I need to rethink. So please be patient as a new story is being developed.

第一二章實際上已經寫完,但是corv-19病毒“偷走”了我的故事,因此我需要重新想新的故事。 因此,請耐心等待新故事的發展。

Detective J偵探J
Detective G 偵探G

Images and first chapter will be forth coming shortly

Sorry for the extremely long delay….extremely extremely long. Getting all the parts ready has taken much much longer than I thought. Lots of technology decisions as well stylistic decisions, content decisions etc. So many nuances it would take me years to explain or complain so I won’t.

非常抱歉,延遲時間非常長。。。 準備好所有細節所需的時間比我想像的要長得多。 很多技術決策以及風格決策,內容決策等。如此多的細節需要我花很多時間來解釋或抱怨,所以我不會。

I thank you all for your extreme patience and things should start appearing around or after the Chinese New Year. Don’t ask why.

我感謝大家的耐心等待,農曆新年前後或之後應該會開始出現作品。 不要問為什麼。

Below I share some snippets of Laotzu who’s philosophy is at the core of this story. I picked these snippets carefully to be relevant to today’s global society and for children as they prepare for their future. The translation from ancient Chinese to English then to current Chinese is from my own experience and I took liberty to translate not word to word but word to experience. So they will differ from many scholastic translations. I hope you enjoy them and all the good things that are forth coming.

我在下面分享了「老子」的一些摘要,他的哲學是這個故事的核心。 我精心挑選了這些摘錄,以使其與當今的全球社會以及兒童為未來做準備相關。 從古文翻譯到英語再到白話文的是根據我自己的經驗。我自由的選擇非單字翻譯單字而是用經驗翻譯。因此,它們將不同於許多學術翻譯。 我希望您喜歡它們,以及即將出現的所有美好事物。

2020 Daodejing for kids v0.7

◦ (ch 2) 天下知為美之為美思惡以 when the world knows beauty to be beauty it thinks of the ugly 當世界認知美為美的時候就會想到惡

◦ (ch 6) 谷神不死是謂玄牝 the spirit of the emptiness never dies and is the mother of all things虛空中的??永遠存在,是萬物之母。

◦ (ch 61) 大者宜為下 the big should best stay low大者應該保持不與其爭執

◦ (ch 60) 治大國若烹小鮮 govern the huge state like cooking a small fish (carefully)管理國家如烹飪一條小魚(很小心)

◦ (ch 8) 上善若水、處眾人之所惡,故幾於道 the most kind stays where others dislike and thus is close to the way 最善良的人往往做需要的但是別人不喜歡做的事所以接近道。

◦ (ch 29) 以神器取天下,不可為也 to use godly weapon to win over the world, such is not possible用神器要得到世界,沒門。

◦ (ch 58) 其政悶悶、其民淳淳,其政查查其民缺缺 govern like simmering food and the people are uncomplicated, govern like a hawk, the people become immoral 管理國家如??,人民純樸(不複雜),管理如老鷹(看得太清楚)人民無德

◦ (ch 64) 萬里之行始於足下 the long hike starts from your first step under your feet長遠的??從腳下第一步開始

◦ (ch 13) 譽之辱之 to praise or to ridicule 稱讚或侮辱

◦ (ch 5) 不如守中 best to stay balanced 心中最好保持平衡(無情緒)

◦ (ch 9) 功成身退天之道 once complete move on (remove oneself from the scene), that is the Way 結束後就離開(不要貪戀名利),這是符合道。

◦ (ch 16) 夫物云云各復歸其根歸根曰靜是唯覆命 all things return to their roots, to return is called the silent, and the revival

◦ (ch35) 持大象天下往,往而不害,安平太observe the trend and go forth, but without harming 觀察趨勢,往世界去,但不傷害。

As we wait for subscribers to trickle in….

As we wait for subscribers to trickle in…I want to have at least 20 subscribers before I begin, I would like to express my thanks to all those people who have helped me throughout my life so far. There are probably too many people to name and I probably will missed some but I just want to thank especially other than my parents and my wife and kids and the whole set of relatives

Clifford and Andy and Dave who helped me with the technical aspects of setting up my studio.

And Gary for helping me get back into the whole sci-fi genre and to establish and refine my writing style in the genre.

I am not writing for the mass-market nor To make a quick buck. I just want to write something exploratory to contribute to the genre. I hope you will enjoy the story.

My studio has recently acquired the new software Mathematica 12. I’ve use this software since version two. It has grown considerably and I will try to use this along with other public scientific data bases to help bring some scientific accuracy to the story especially in domains that i am less familiar with.

Thank you and let’s wait a little longer to begin….

Songs from the Key II Constancy

1. I will return (Theme song)

When the world is falling apart

I see hope light years away on a ancient planet called Geminorium b

No matter how hard or how long I will seek out the answer to quench the anger of Gaia

Peace starts from within and works to without

Calmness comes when you find answer to deep questions

Yet deep questions are often the seemingly the most ordinary

Be the king of your heart

Be the king of your mind

Know where the world is flowing and stick by your deeply thought choice

No matter how hard or how long it will take, embrace the challenges ahead with love and you will find a way.

What is love?

What is hate?

What is life?

What is the choice you make?

When the world is falling apart

I see hope light years away on a ancient planet called Geminorium b

No matter how hard or how long I will seek out the answer to quench the anger of Gaia.

Wait for me. I will return.

someday with answers from Geminorium b

2. One Diamond (ending song)

One two three…

Eight nine ten

The world flees to its future

Two worlds

Bipartisan systems

Opposite views

Pro’s and con’s

Do’s and don’ts

When you embrace diversity

See the world as a portfolio of colors

Life, systems and more

You are attached yet not attached

You move yet you are still

You are many yet you are one

You are bright and impenetrable as one diamond



Let’s back up a little….

So I’ve been doing this series of stories for a while now. And while writing the second story of the trilogy I realize that I still use some of the same style of storytelling as I did decades ago. There are worm holes and there are flashbacks and some time travel. Actually the second story isn’t quite finish yet. It has a beginning and an end that is in my head and I also wrote a song about the end but it isn’t finalized and there are a lot of in between’s that need to be filled in. But for now I’m moving on to the third story. My story always has some spiritual or psychological aspect to it as well as some Chinese philosophy. But that’s me. I was born in Taiwan. What else do you expect? The second story in part explored more the geology and business domain of science With the volcanos and diamonds and evil cooperations and institutions.? I am hoping that the third story will explore other scientific domains such as

  • Physical chemistry,
  • informational science
  • linguistics
  • Maker movement
  • Instead of using globalization as theme to use localization or glocalization

And I will try to stay away from

  • Black holes/or wormholes
  • Flashbacks or time travel
  • multi dimensional universe to save me headaches
  • large evil corporations or empires.

Let me know what other tired tropes you want me to avoid and I will try my best. I will be doing sketches that serve as the basis for key frames for the story visuals and write a few lines of the story below the sketches. I will flush out the full detail of the story later. The focus right now is getting back to the basics: sketches and a few lines of thought. It is the style that I developed back in the college years and I hope that I can pick it up again and continue that way. I can always colorize it and make it 3-D later even. Please don’t forget to subscribe to this blog by scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage and entering your email. Yes email, because the Jade Emperor said so 😉

Sincerely, Turquoisa