As we wait for subscribers to trickle in….

As we wait for subscribers to trickle in…I want to have at least 20 subscribers before I begin, I would like to express my thanks to all those people who have helped me throughout my life so far. There are probably too many people to name and I probably will missed some but I just want to thank especially other than my parents and my wife and kids and the whole set of relatives

Clifford and Andy and Dave who helped me with the technical aspects of setting up my studio.

And Gary for helping me get back into the whole sci-fi genre and to establish and refine my writing style in the genre.

I am not writing for the mass-market nor To make a quick buck. I just want to write something exploratory to contribute to the genre. I hope you will enjoy the story.

My studio has recently acquired the new software Mathematica 12. I’ve use this software since version two. It has grown considerably and I will try to use this along with other public scientific data bases to help bring some scientific accuracy to the story especially in domains that i am less familiar with.

Thank you and let’s wait a little longer to begin….

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